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Gibb River Road Bus Services is a new business wholly owned by Summitstar Pty Ltd, who also trade as Tanami Earthmoving Contractors. Summitstar Pty Ltd was established in 1995 by Martin Brown and Julie Nolan.

Martin has lived in Kununurra for over 21 years. He began working along the Gibb River Road operating graders in the 80's, working for various earthmoving companies in the East Kimberley until 1987 when he started out on his own. In 1995, together with his partner Julie, they became Tanami Earthmoving Contractors, which has recently scaled down to concentrate on their new public transport venture.

Martin has worked all over the Kimberley on various projects. In 1982 when the Argyle Diamond Mine was just starting he remembers driving an old CAT Grader with no windows, no brakes and an old petrol donkey motor to start the main diesel motor. In 1984 his first trip to Kalumburu in a grader with no brakes, towing a landrover took 30 hours just to get there. The same year maintenance grading The Gibb River Road was a pretty quiet affair seeing only 5 or 6 vehicles per day, most stopping for a yarn.

Martin Brown

Tanami Grader on the Gibb River Road